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Scalable Data Systems

Trade Series

A suite of powerful add-ons which extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 / AX with added functionality and flexibility.

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Commodity trade


Traders and manufacturers dealing in raw materials and commodities juggle multiple supplier and customer contracts. They need real time contract visibility reflecting accurate pricing and costs. Microsoft certified Scalable Commodity builds on the Dynamics 365 Finance Operations module to provide:

  • fast, easy editing of contracts and logistics, including change tracking,
  • real-time reporting of hedging, foreign currency exposure, position and mark to market
Trade series landed costs

Landed Costs

Distributors and manufacturers shipping or purchasing globally need accurate costs. Scalable Landed Cost extends the Dynamics 365 Purchase Orders module to accurately track costs such as freight, insurance, customs charges, handling and taxes. Landed Cost provides:

  • one place to update shipping and delivery dates with changes reflected on all purchase and inventory lines.
  • flexibility to assign partial or multiple purchase orders from different vendors to a shipment
Trade Series Transport and Logistics

Logistics Management

Organisations relying on efficient supply chains need to maximise transport loads and minimise delays to keep costs down. Scalable’s Logistics Management builds on the Dynamics 365 Finance Operations module for optimal warehouse scheduling and load-building. The module supports:

  • more efficient consignment note and manifest creation and delivery sequencing
  • least-cost transport calculations
Trade series advanced credit management

Advanced Credit Management

In organizations with high sales volumes and customer credit claims, credit collection can be time-consuming and costly. Scalable’s Advanced Credit Management builds on the Dynamics 365 Accounts Receivable module to automate credit control rules and authorizations, ensuring:

  • simpler and faster collection and claims processes
  • risk minimisation, with sales orders automatically blocked where credit limits or trading days are exceeded

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