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Message from the CEO

We do things a bit differently

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Scalable Data Systems Managing Director Brett Crew

When we started this company 30 years ago we did it because we loved solving problems.

In the beginning we sold basic accounting software written in COBOL for green screens. Today we're a Microsoft gold partner with a suite of flexible add-on modules for Microsoft Dynamics 365, the fastest growing Enterprise Resource Management system globally.

These products and other intellectual property have been adopted by our Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide to solve similar challenges for their own customers. Our company is proud of that global adoption and endorsement.

Notwithstanding the success of our IP, Scalable has remained true to its core values, focusing first on how technology can be applied. We want to understand your business, your people, your products and your customers. That’s why our first meeting will always be about listening, not demonstrating.

Technology is exciting and the seismic wave we're riding as cloud-based storage becomes standard offers boundless opportunities. A mobile workforce and real time reporting is achievable, and we help businesses get there.

In a landscape littered with acronyms and technical jargon, Scalable provides businesses with a roadmap in the local language. We offer plans for moving forward, not a patchwork of stop gaps that plug problems as they arise but won’t underpin growth.

Our ongoing collaborations with our customers demonstrate the power of this approach, as we hone our products based on their performance in the marketplace. Our ongoing relationships with customers provide a powerful feedback loop for product improvement and, we believe, are vital to our success and longevity.

Brett Crew

CEO Australia