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How to sell Dynamics 365 to the commodity trade sector

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A market sector ripe for change

There’s a vast untapped market in the manufacturing and commodity trade sector looking for ERP solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Potential manufacturing and trade customers in agriculture, food and beverage, metals, bulk chemicals and bio energy are prepared to invest in quality ERP solutions with a strong commodity contract management focus. Can you deliver this?

How is this sector different

This is a niche area in which legacy, stand-alone Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM) vendors have dominated for decades. But these systems have passed their use-by date and the market is ripe for cloud-based alternatives.

Increasingly, commodity traders and manufacturers are looking to upgrade from legacy CTRM or a patchwork of disparate, unrelated software to an all-in-one solution for commodity contracts, manufacturing, logistics and risk management. It’s the unique demands of commodity trading contracts, which is subject to volatile pricing, the vagaries of nature and variable supply chains, which is driving their ERP choice.

More than a module. A solution.

Tapping into this market calls for a robust ERP solution which includes CTRM. You can deliver this with the Scalable Commodity/D365 solution, a recognised market leader which has earned Microsoft’s highest standard for partner developed software. (Read about our CfMD certification success here.)

The feature-rich solution is garnering increasing global interest from organisations looking to cloud-based ERP, most recently from European giant Danish Agro. (Read about our recent deal here.)

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