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Commodity CTRM

An advanced commodity trade resource management system integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

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Developed to meet the demands of trading and manufacturing in Softs, Stockfeed, Grains and Oilseeds, Bio-Energy, Metals and Scrap and Food and Beverages, Scalable Commodity CTRM offers a complete, end-to-end cloud-based commodity trading solution.

Managing Risk

The world relies on a continuous and steady supply of commodities, from the chemicals and minerals used to sustain manufacturing and all forms of energy to drive it, to the agricultural products we put on our table. Commodity CTRM provides a strong, rigorous yet flexible solution to traders and manufacturers managing complex commodity supply chains.

Scalable Commodity CTRM

Gives access to all contract and financial information in one place, visible to everyone in the organization. Provides real-time updating of all actions to improve data sharing between departments and streamline internal communications.

A single, cloud-based solution which integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Finance Operations functions ERP
Consistent data capture with online true visibility of all contracts
Fast, easy editing of contracts and logistics, including change tracking
Strategy framework for real-time reporting of hedging, foreign currency exposure, position and mark to market

We know your industry demands

Scalable Commodity CTRM has been designed to address complex supply and demand pressures affecting many industries in the commodity and manufacturing sectors.

grain & oilseed

Grain & Oilseed

Supply and demand pressures for wheat, barley, soya and corn as well as price volatility squeeze margins for growers, traders, manufacturers and consumers.



Coffee, cocoa and sugar are often sourced from regions remote from consumer markets. Geographic and market diversity demands robust logistics planning.

Agri animal stockfeed


Manufacturers face tight quality control requirements and juggle volatile commodity prices across the agricultural food chain with demands for increasingly agile production schedules.



Traders and manufacturers of wood, wood pellets, straw, sugarcane, biodiesel and bioethanol face complex pricing variables, quality controls, logistics demands and manufacturing processes.

Food manufacturing


Stricter regulations along with more competitive markets mean food manufacturers are looking to production efficiencies to sustain profitability.

Beverage manufacturing


Beverage manufacturing is highly complicated with bulk liquids mixed with other materials and ingredients to achieve a consistent product.

Commodity CTRM recycling

Scrap & Recycling

Transport charges make up nearly 20% of scrap costs. Brokers need to coordinate inbound scrap freight with outbound shipments of finished products to maximise profits.

Scalable Commodity enables us to do better forecasting because our data is accurate and accessible anywhere, anytime.  It’s helped us streamline repeatable processes and procedures, making us a more disciplined organisation, and because it’s one complete solution which integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, it’s incredibly easy to use. In short, we couldn’t live without it.

Trade Series

Scalable Commodity can be extended even further with other modules from the Trade Series, a suite of powerful add-ons to better manage logistics, credit and landed costs.

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