Project management

Plan, create, manage, control, and complete projects for your organization, including time and materials, fixed price, and internal projects such as investment, cost, and time projects. Create a project hierarchy comprising multiple sub-projects. Easily plan projects, large or small, by matching work requirements with available resources.

Project resource and schedule

Schedule tasks while finding and assigning available resources by skill set, project experience, certification, education, and other attributes within or across companies. Track schedules, manpower utilization, and cost to complete. Make better project staffing decisions with enhanced views into resource availability, skills, and costs across legal entities and divisions and take advantage of the built-in integration to do complex planning in Microsoft Project client and schedule resources visually in Microsoft Dynamics AX in order to better balance resources across projects/ organizations.

Project time and expense

Capture project time and expense quickly and accurately. Enter timesheets through project time management or Enterprise Portal taking advantage of automatic inter- company settlements for assignments across legal entities. Time entry is supported by an approval process. Charge travel-related expenses against specific projects with expense management. Full integration with expense management enables expenses to be distributed to a single project or across multiple projects. Additionally, with this new release submit time, expense, and approvals from various mobile devices (Windows Phone, Windows 8, Android and iOS devices) while out of the office and on the road.

Work breakdown structures

Take advantage of work breakdown structure (WBS) templates to quickly and easily plan common types of projects. Create your own hierarchical WBS for more detailed control. Add specific information to these activities, including schedule, requirements, estimated cost and revenue, and worker attributes.

Project quotations

Work breakdown templates enable you to quickly build accurate project quotations. And project quotation profitability analysis helps you select the right opportunities to pursue. Gain visibility into project initiation with quotation approval workflows. Interconnect teams with the integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX for synchronized costing, pricing, and delivery team visibility.

Project budgeting and cost

Manage projects with forecast (hour, expense, item, fee, on-account) and budgets. Project budgets are workflow- enabled for approval of original budgets and revisions. Maintain project cost control by summarizing actual cost, committed cost, and remaining budget to discover total expected cost, and compare with the original budget. Measure utilization rates by comparing actual hours to budgeted hours. Compare the status of invoiced and chargeable transactions of a project or contract with the project quotation.

Project accounting and invoicing

Enter and itemize project costs, employee hours, materials used, and fees incurred. Streamline billing of projects by creating and editing invoice proposals for hours, expenses, items, sales orders, fees, subscriptions, advance and deduction payments, or milestones. Split billing enables shared project costs between multiple customers or internal organizations. Retention terms can be specified on customer invoices and vendor payments. Approval workflow ensures accurate project invoices before they are sent to the customer. Schedule payments to project vendors when you receive payments from customers (pay when paid). Retain part of payment to a vendor. Funding limits enforce contractual caps on project costs.

Grant management

Manage project and grant funding by associating multiple funding sources with a project or grant, optionally linking any transaction to a specific funding source, prioritizing funding sources, and restricting funding sources to exclusive activities or classes of expenditures.

Revenue recognition and workin-
progress (WIP)

Recognize actual costs to avoid potential cost overruns. Post and accrue revenue for fixed-price projects based on completion percentage or completed contract. Accrue revenue or capitalize costs for time-and-material projects to recognize gross margin. Handle WIP for investment projects during the project before final elimination of the WIP value to a fixed asset upon completion.

Interoperability with Microsoft

Projects can be integrated with the scheduling and resource management capabilities of Microsoft Project Server to streamline project management for any size of project. Take advantage of bidirectional interoperability with Microsoft Project for projects, activities, tasks, and resource allocation. Synchronize project information into Microsoft Office 365 for broader team collaboration and sharing.


Gain insight in project management performance with predefined KPIs in the project accounting cube. Access standard reports including reports for profit and loss, consumed costs, payroll allocation, invoice on-account, actual versus budgeted costs, and cash flow. Project control gives you a real-time snapshot of project performance. Utilization control gives you a real-time snapshot of project performance. Enhance business insights accelerate decisions with role-specific project plan, cost, and effort tracking views. Improve views into project and portfolio status with new Power BI data and project management KPIs (such as planned versus actual costs and earned value).