As a founding director of Scalable Data Systems I am proud of our history in providing solutions, solving problems and building business platforms that allow our customers to grow and adapt quickly to the changing demands of the market and their customer needs.

Our family of customers has extended overtime to include our Partners’ customers as our solutions have been adopted by other Microsoft Dynamics AX partners around the world.

Our goal has always been to overcome the challenges our customers face with inefficient systems and business processes. We leverage leading current technology and build solutions focused on our customers’ needs and processes. We are always asking ‘how’ we can do something better.

Scalable is strongly focussed on implementation methodology. Our own business process mapping methodology creates a framework that allows business users to more easily understand the steps in an implementation, using their own terminology and business processes. We align this to traditional ERP implementation phases to improve the implementation cycle.

We have been serving customers for over 30 years and have been recognised by Microsoft as a leading partner worldwide when Scalable won the Microsoft Global Manufacturing Partner of Year Award in 2011. Manufacturing is, and has always been, a key focus area for Scalable.

In addition, we have also won and been runners up for local Australian Microsoft partner awards.

A key differentiator for Scalable is our strong history of developing industry specific functionality and standardising this into products. Our industry modules deliver extended integration and enablement seamlessly within the core Microsoft Dynamics AX software platform.

The Scalable modules and intellectual property have been adopted by other Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide to solve similar challenges for their own customers. Our company is proud of that global adoption and endorsement.

Customer focus is the primary objective for our company, to create and sustain relationships with both our direct customers and business partners, beyond the initial system implementation so that we play a strategic role and partnership in the ongoing improvement cycles and system optimisation.

This strategic engagement provides a powerful feedback loop for product improvement and, we believe, is instrumental in our success and longevity.


Brett Crew