Grocery Wholesalers

Many supermarket retailers face a very drastic challenge due to mishandled inventory management and internal issues. But external threats would appear as dynamic change on the shopping habits of consumers, the presence of different alternatives locally and online selling and other out-of-threshold issues but still need to be accommodated by the retail management.

The changing framework of grocery stores and supermarkets in the current market affects the delivery and demand of the products sold by wholesalers in terms of fluctuations in the volume in-stock, wider choice and preference options for the product and other underlying effects of these changes.

The ultimate solution to this growing hindrance for supermarket wholesalers/retailers is a comprehensive intelligent system that will resolve the lapses in the inventory, product choices and preference integration and many other business resolutions that will become essential in succeeding this type of business.

Microsoft AX Dynamics will create an inventory platform that will record and track the ins and outs of the current stocks, will create notification with diagnosed errors and actions needed to be resolved, will project and determine the metrics and statistics needed for better and efficient decision making in terms of business processes.

This solution will also take care of the daily transaction journals and real time business analytics to focus better with marketing, sales and customer reachout.