Fashion & Apparel

Dynamics 365 Cloud Operations enables organisations to manage their end to end functionality in the highly competitive and fast paced apparel industry as customers and supplier shift their focus and the market changes.

Both Dynamics AX ERP and Dynamics 365 Cloud Operations facilitates the design, sourcing, production, distribution and point of sale in one highly functional system. Dynamics 365 Cloud Operations and AX ERP are totally integrated solution that facilitates the lifecycle management of products from design through to production and distribution to retail.

The flexibility and configurable nature of the solution enable organisations to compete effectively in a rapidly shifting industry.

A system must be able to monitor trends and anticipate customer requirements. Dynamics 365 Cloud Operations is set apart from previous versions through the built-in intelligence to guide optimum outcomes, such as retail suggested products

Find out more on how either of these integrated solutions can assist your fashion and apparel business, either as a Retailer and or Wholesaler, or Manufacture.