Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturing plays a critical role in the aggregate supply chain of every economy. The industry has the strictest of regulations to control the overall process for the manufacturing of chemicals, from environmental essentials to quality assurance and safety handling of materials and equipment.

The risk embedded processes for chemical manufacturing is in the underlying volatility of varying chemicals to exposure, contamination, spills and mishandled disposal.

Manufacturers and distributors must comply with the strict guidelines for bidirectional lot traceability, quality management, certificate of analysis (COA) generation, shelf life and recall management.

Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Cloud Operations both are a single integrated solution that enables the use of formula and recipe management, by-products, co-products, quality, advanced warehouse management, transportation and business intelligence capabilities. These features allow the system to meet industry and regulatory compliance within the standard ERP architecture.

Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical companies face the challenge of delivering products that must comply with strict regulatory compliance for manufacturing and distribution. From discovery through to clinical trials to the final delivery to market, this becomes an often extremely lengthy and highly disciplined process.

The demand for innovation, continuous quality and compliance certification means the end production must be tracked from design through to production, contract manufacturing, supply and post production.

Dynamics AX Operations provides the discipline through process manufacturing with multi-level controls across formula definition, batch traceability, yield management, ingredients and finished goods. Integrity is preserved when repackaging or renumbering product.

Explore Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Cloud Operations further to understand how we enable pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors to work in full compliance with regulatory agencies to manufacture and deliver products to the global marketplace.