Beverage Manufacturing

Beverage Manufacturing is one of the most complicated types of line in the production industry. Bulk volume of liquids are mixed with other materials and ingredients with a constant goal of directing to a consistent product.

Before a drink arrives the product cooler in the convenience stores, it undergoes a rigorous process from manufacturing, production, packaging and containerisation.

But the most critical among these phases is the production – where the right and accurate amount of everything should be dispensed to the mixture which are to be guided with the repeated processes.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has this capability to track and manage the inventory and usage of the materials to achieve accurate measurements. It also features the Advance Production Scheduling where you can align the size of containers with the type of beverage being produced, significantly reducing setup time and increasing throughput without increased investment in plant and equipment.

It is also created to monitor the packaging and production and ensure that it is done with consideration to the bulk product requirement using a batch consolidation process. It will also take charge for the required daily production goals that needs to be targeted for production and sales. It won’t just free up the burdens and worries of production but will also free up the workload of other departments like sales and inventory replenishments.