Mining & Mining Services

The mining industry has been a sustainable workforce for millenniums. And as this traditional business adapts with the requirements of a digitised society, a bigger demand has been expected in ensuring this industry’s progression in its operations. A proactive management of its day-to-day processes is essential to direct each decision towards the strategic endpoints that will ultimately impact a higher profitability long term.

Track, report and analyse each step of the process. Make sure operations are all keeping up with the legal demands of the global mining organisation, as well as health organisations and local charters with an intelligent and scalable solution that keeps all workforce activity in one roof.

Microsoft AX Dynamics is powerfully built to allow your business to adjust easily to support each of your dynamic strategies, an Enterprise Resource Planning solutions that allows internal and external collaboration that streamlines project conceptualisation up to project delivery. With comprehensive management reporter, balanced scorecards and informative dashboards, it seamlessly gives all the data you need in one click.