Engineering & Professional Services

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions are designed for service industries, combining Project Management, Resource management with Rostering and Shift Management, Time Sheet Management and Payroll, all seamlessly integrated, communication, and business solutions tailored to your organisational needs to help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

scalable_ep_civilCivil Engineering
Implement quality treatment in buidling infrastructures through guided computations, projection analysis, materials management and timely review.
Maintain a systematic process needed of allied construction phases with real time progress tracking and materials inventory management.
Project Engineering
Deliver a substantiated plan and costing proposal for your projects using probable measurements, data analysis and variance classification.
Mining & Mining Services
Evaluate your operation’s safety and security standards and align your aggregate products with the target goal, interim.
Utilities & Government
Hand over your collections and billings and process management with a system intelligently made to be efficient in phase-to-phase implementation.
Provide a realistic estimate of your clients’ project costs with a feasible projection.
Design your clients’ projects based on their needs and preferences while maintaining a guided draft based on architectural standards and stringent computation applications.
IT & Management Consultants
Watch over your data allocations and storage over the cloud while maintaing a secured and private connection for your client needs.