EAM – Enterprise Asset Management

Maintenance planning, execution and analysis is all supported to assist you in continuously improving the maintenance processes and thereby reduce costs and production down time. The Dynamics EAM solution, for AX 2012 R3 or Dynamics 365 Cloud version if fully integrated to finance, inventory, procurement, projects and production, with options for mobility as well.

Eliminate unplanned downtime to improve asset performance to achieve production quotas.
Provide more quality services with your concessionaires through the timely checking of equipment needed to avoid brownouts, water shortages and line downtime.
Engineering Shops
Maintain your engineering equipment and keep them ready for everyday usage to avoid delays and damages during constructions and operations.
Bio-Energy Plants
Cut your shortages and breakages with an efficient asset management for your bio fuel plant and factories.
Mining & Mining Exploration
Ensure your miners’ safety and security by maintaining the usage and limit of your mining equipment and materials.