The healthcare industry has seen a big gap in control costs and increasing competition in the past decade. More and more people need fast answers to medical inquiries and the demand to provide faster service, lesser queueing and maximum visibility for the organisation.

An integrated system can allow these healthcare organisations to boost efficiency and focus on the most important parts of the healthcare sector. Also by shifting new systems, more time can be allocated to controlling priority information and faster decision making by the stakeholders in the field.

Gain real-time healthcare report, organisational process movement, sales and marketing delivery with an agile ERP suite for all your organisational needs. Microsoft Dynamic AX significantly reduces human interaction with detailed dashboards that provides all users with accurate data whenever and wherever they need it. An all-in healthcare systems support at the palm of their hands.

Program Services

Assisting the community in providing mentors and consultants for different enquiries for life and personal, business, education, and others.

Time Sheet Management

Providing support for Human Resources and Managers in monitoring staff timesheet and productivity.

Rostering Management

Plotting schedules every now and then can be grueling activity for organisation or group leaders. Utlising this system will give schedulers more time to work on their core responsibilities.


It is important that employees have an updated and real-time access to information such total wages, bonuses, and taxes. A seamless system that enables just anyone to manage all these things.

Enhanced HR

Maximising the potentials of your staff and keeping them passionate of their profession is as important as achieving your business goals. A streetsmart way to keep track of HR activities for both managers and staff.

Financial Management

Access an efficient system in managing the company’s financial activities that require planning, organising, directing and controlling.

Case Management

Accurate information and solutions to different health and services that require keen management to achieve projected outcome.