The Aged care sector has seen an increased number in staff over the recent years and it still continues to grow with a projected 58% increase in residential and 81% in home care. With the increased numbers both for care workers and patients, administrative work is highly prioritised. From patient onboarding, staff retention, facility assessments and infrastructure, a groundwork for excellent process flow with the advantage of lowering administrative costs must be in place.

Driving the need to keep up with spend data, electronic health reports as well as control over labor costs and regulation in labor practices, an all-in-one resource is beneficial for long term valuation of these beloved secondary homes.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an online portal capable of aligning multiple administrative systems to provide a holistic view of the aged care business for both its managers and its workers. Transitioning into a scalable system is vital to ensure that these facilities are able to cope with the demands of its growing population.

Program Services

Assisting the community in providing mentors and consultants for different enquiries for life and personal, business, education, and others.

Time Sheet Management

Providing support for Human Resources and Managers in monitoring staff timesheet and productivity.

Rostering Management

Plotting schedules every now and then can be grueling activity for organisation or group leaders. Utlising this system will give schedulers more time to work on their core responsibilities.


It is important that employees have an updated and real-time access to information such total wages, bonuses, and taxes. A seamless system that enables just anyone to manage all these things.

Enhanced HR

Maximising the potentials of your staff and keeping them passionate of their profession is as important as achieving your business goals. A streetsmart way to keep track of HR activities for both managers and staff.

Financial Management

Access an efficient system in managing the company’s financial activities that require planning, organising, directing and controlling.

Case Management

Accurate information and solutions to different health and services that require keen management to achieve projected outcome.