Grain & Oilseed Traders

There is an ever increasing demand for Grains and Oilseeds, including wheat, barley, soya and corn, as an integral and expanding section of our everyday life. Not only are they a significant daily diet, they are used extensively in the animal feed market and with emerging technologies contribute to the fuel supply chain.

These additional pressures on supply and demand as well as price volatility across the different market sectors contribute to increasingly squeezed margins in the industry whether for growers, traders or consumers of the commodities in their manufacturing processes. The ability to manage positions, prices and finances across an organization from one integrated solution is essential in today’s demanding business environment.

The key to success for a company is to be able to deal with the diverse nature of this sector; from different pricing mechanisms to quality adjustments for individual contracts, from business directly with growers to international trading and manufacturing organizations. While volumes and revenue may change the fundamental requirements of a grain and oilseed company remains the same; Flexibility in day to day operations combined with tight control of financials.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Commodity is designed to provide the Control; strong financials, inventory management and process manufacturing, while providing the flexibility required in Contract Management, commodity pricing and execution of logistics.